The CTW Library Consortium’s Mission Statement:

The CTW Library Consortium exists to support the missions of our member institutions through collaborative activities.  The objectives of these activities are to enhance services, expand access to resources and increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our operations, for the benefit of our students and faculty.  The consortium creates a professional community by sharing expertise, programming, technology and staff development.  CTW contributes to the profession at large by communicating information on its activities and projects via presentations, publications and postings.

– Approved by the CTW Library Directors on Nov 24, 2014


The CTW Consortium – Its Purpose and Principles of Collaboration (PDF)

CTW’s Memorandum of Agreement on Final Copies (PDF)

CTW’s Collaborative Collection Development Policy (PDF)

Access and Circulation Policies of the CTW Consortium:  General Statements (PDF)

CTW Circulation Policies Grid – updated May 2017

CTW Structure (for Committees and Groups)